What Is A BandBell Bar? The Miracle of Oscillating Kinetic Energy

Today’s BandBell Bar, the one being used all across America by professional sports teams, (NFL, MLB, NHL), college athletic programs, personal trainers and local gyms is an ongoing story about a remarkable new Rehab and Exercise concept. What started out in 2007 as just a pair of kettlebells hanging from a broomstick, the Bar has evolved through five prototypes to become the incredibly strong, kinetic energy dynamo  it is today. This unique, hand-made Bar, weighing in at only 5.4-lbs, can routinely handle weight in excess of 300-lbs. everyday – all day long. And it does its job with the utmost precision by targeting Oscillating Kinetic Energy (OKE) to the shoulders, elbows, biceps and lower back to heal and strengthen the stabilizing muscles that are necessary for healthy joint function. It is the only piece of Rehab/Exercise equipment in the world that heals shoulder injuries primarily by using the Bench Press exercise!

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I just wanted to let you know how much I have gained from using the BandBell Bar this past year. After struggling to increase my bench press for many years, I started to use bands and your Bar. For the past year we have incorporated it into our training with many exercises for the upper back, as well as, shoulder presses, bench press, skull crushers, and french presses. The results were phenomenal! I have put an amazing 50 lbs. on my bench press in less than a year. All the shoulder pain I used to have when we went heavy on our max effort days are gone. My joints feel better, and at the age of 44, I am stronger than I have ever been. Not only did I win the NASA Ohio Regional Meet after using the BandBell for a short time, but have since qualified for the NASA Nationals. The guys I train with, as well as myself, all look forward to your next innovation to aid our training. I just wish we had this 20 years ago. Thanks for adding years to my training.— Jay Marzano